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2017 seven major trends in graphene know how much?
Source:China plastic machinery network  Author:China plastic machinery network Release Date:2017/01/12

Industry research firm, unveiled a 2017 global graphene seven big trend. The seven major trends for the future respectively graphene, industrial chain integration, prices, industry standard and graphene in energy storage, advanced electronics, composite materials mainly used in the field of research and development trend is prospected.

Trend: graphene prices will continue to fall

Both graphene membrane and graphene micro chip will further reduce the price. In graphene membrane, the small size of the graphene film prices fall faster, and the big size of graphene films or scarce products, so the price drop speed slower. Graphene micro tablet (powder), on the other hand, the price also will continue to fall.

Trend 2: commercial custom fossil ink product demand rise

Graphene products business customization demand has become increasingly apparent. Graphene suppliers tend to work closely with downstream application, to develop the downstream applications of graphene, customized products and intermediates of graphene shipment size will be rapid growth.

Trend 3: specialization of graphene supplier gradually into the mainstream

At present, the preparation of graphene companies usually smaller, the application of its products industry is also varied. Due to the different application areas are quite different to the requirement of graphene products, related graphene line, research and development capabilities, all want to make a corresponding adjustment according to different applications. As graphene manufacturers therefore, with the increasingly close combination of the downstream application manufacturer, focus on one or a few larger graphene application specialized suppliers will be more likely to win, and gradually become the mainstream.

Trend 4: more graphene to occupation standard come on stage

In China, graphene industry has formed a series of local and industry standards, but no one everyone, authority approved by the national standard, or even what kind of product is graphene has debate. In 2017 China will issue the graphene national standards. In addition, in North America and Europe will be to further clarify of graphene industry standard, this undoubtedly play a positive role to the development of market of graphene.

Trend 5: although graphene battery remains a distant prospect, but graphene gain breakthrough in some other applications in the field of energy storage

One line of inquiry that five years in the true sense of graphene battery research and development is very difficult to get breakthrough, true to graphene and graphene composite material as the electrode of graphene battery research and development is still a long way to go. But by graphene make cooling material of lithium ion battery has obtained the certain breakthrough. In addition, graphene auxiliary super capacitor and solar products will come out soon.

Trend 6: graphene in the application of the core electronic components such as the central processor and chip research and development will further promote

Growing popularity of the application of graphene in electronic aspects. Among them, the graphene conductive ink and rf tags (RFID) based on graphene emerging market in consumer electronics and other electronic products. The future based on electromagnetic interference shielding of graphene/electrostatic protection components technology will increasingly mature. In addition, the applications of graphene in the central processor and chip focused on by many computer and electronics giant, its future development process will be further promote these giants.

Trend 7: graphene coatings become stars of graphene composites

Graphene coatings have been shipped in batches. As graphene prices fell, the graphene coatings will be from today''s high-end paint in the market to end coating market penetration, thus further confirmed that graphene coatings in the leading position in the graphene composites. Graphene reinforced fiber application in sports and FMCG is just beginning. In addition, graphene building exterior wall materials, graphene vehicles, such as structure material application is in active development.

One line of research (InnovaResearch) research director Dr Lynda wu pointed out: "the future development of graphene is full of surprises, developing large scale is the key. As prices fall, graphene graphene in advanced electronics, composite materials, energy storage will speed up the development of application fields, such as, first to achieve scale application of shipment will be further confirmed. As a result of graphene application development requires graphene manufacturers in collaboration with supplier and downstream products, successfully locked and focus on the large-scale application of professional suppliers of graphene will be easier to win. In addition, the future graphene of occupation standard come on stage to play a positive role in the development of graphene industry.


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